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18July 2019

Writing a Critical Book Review

Book reviews are meant to inform on what the book entails, and your personal opinion on the book in general based on the evaluation that you’ve done. Take note that a “critical book review” doesn’t essentially seek advice from a negative review. Actually, it gives an evaluation that point out both the good and the bad. Does the book review writing service provided by the dedicated writers cover all the necessary points?

Here’s a guide to travel regarding writing an essential book review:

  • Reading through the Book
  • Why Read The Book?

Before making any remarks on any book, you need to thoroughly and critically go through the text. Yes, you need to read and reread until you have a thorough understanding of what the author is trying to communicate. Will all the assignments be delivered following the University guidelines with the provision of the option of buy homework writing help online to the students?

What Information Will You be Looking at as You Read?

Before reading the text, list down the questions that you expect will be answered. Some of the questions would include:

  • When and why was the book authored?
  • What information is in the book’s contents?
  • Who forms the audience?
  • What is the level of accuracy of the information presented by the author?
  • How well has the information been backed by evidence (only if evidence has been cited)?
  • Who is the author, what other works are under his belt, his background, the qualifications and the affiliations he holds?

Take Notes

You’ll need to take notes while reading the book for review purposes. You’ll need to take notes as you read, paying close attention to the preface, introduction, summaries, and abstracts. They are some of the areas that will give you insight into what the author was trying to accomplish writing the book. Do the students get sufficient support from BookMyEssay in solving Book report writing help?

What Next After Reading?

The notes you wrote during your read come in handy at this stage. They make it possible for you to make an analysis and therefore, you can proceed to write your review. Your notes can also assist you with assessing the readability of the book. Not very many people have grasped readability of a text, accessing sites offering essay writing services can help with understanding the concept.

Structuring Your Review

Critical book reviews, whether short or long all take a similar format. It will be divided into 3 sections containing an introduction, body, and conclusion. The body will contain the summary and critique. Short book reviews are often a page long and are between 100-500 words while long reviews are often 4 pages with a maximum of around 1500 words.

Before proceeding to write the review, make sure that you’ve included:

  • The title of the book
  • The author
  • Where the book was published
  • The date that particular edition was published
  • The total number of book pages

The Introduction

The introduction, in this case, is an equivalent of a thesis statement. What this merely suggests that is that the introduction can provides an outline whereas at an equivalent time show readers your overall judgment on the book.

The Body

The body contains each the outline of the text and critique.


It’s not about merely making a summary of the main points. You’ll be required to explain the text in detail using a couple of examples and in your own wordings. Often, the summary is limited to a 1/3 of the body. It’s also a chance to highlight how the text has been organized, and show your readers what the author of the book intended as revealed throughout the text.

The Critique

Thoroughly critique the book before creating your opinion proverbial. This is the most section of the essential critical review. It’s in this section that you’ll get to give an evaluation to the strengths and weaknesses of the text, and its contribution. You’ll need to identify the most important to the less important points of your review, highlighting them in that order. You can include proposed recommendations, and any other conclusions you may have arrived at with regards to the text. Do the student assignment writing help online for securing high scores in their assessments?

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