1May 2019

Labour Day; Top Three Fun Facts You Need to Know about This Day

Have you noticed something new on the Google doodle? Yes! You have got it. Google is celebrating labour day to honour all the labours around the world.

May 1 is celebrated as the labour day to pay gratitude to all the labour class workers who put sweat and blood to build the economy of a nation. But apart from the date and moment what else do we know about Labour day? Almost nothing, that’s why BookMyEssay has decided to educate students about Labour and some fun facts that make this day more memorable.

Martin Lunther king rightly said; “No work is insignificant. All labour that uplift humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence”. And repeating the same lines let’s find what historical moments this day holds.

Fact # 1: It all Began in Chicago

This holiday was first celebrated in the Chicago back in the 1880s. It was a historical moment when thousands of workers across the U.S hit the street to show their support for an eight-hour workday. The protest continues to 3 May until the police fired at the peaceful crowd, killing two labours in action. The protest continues to the next day and police aggressively tried to bury it down. In response, someone from the rally threw a bomb killing one police officer and injuring many. After this, the police squad open fired and killed 4 people while injuring many. This incident no doubt led to the conviction of the eight-hour labour day.

Just imagine! Without the historical moment of labour day, you still might be working for 15 hours! Don’t know about you but it seems like a nightmare to me.

Fact # 2: Labour Day Parades

The labour day is a historical day for rallies, parades, and other celebrations of the worker class. In most of the countries, workers plan to march down on the street for better rights, including wages and better conditions.

Major countries like Turkey were braced to face the protest on May 1 after the clash between labours and security forces in 2014. Apart from this, the country has a history of violence that took place on May 1. Back in 1977, dozens of people killed while protesting at Taksim square.

Democratic countries like the U.S who has a very painful history of clashes between protesters and police force also expect rallies and parades on Labour day.

Fact #3: America Celebrate Labour Day on a Different Date

Despite the fact that labour day was originated from Chicago and celebrated every year on May 1, America being different celebrates it on the first Monday of September. They consider it as the end of summer and a new beginning of the spring.

Well, the above facts prove one thing for sure – labour day is a memorable day for all of us not because the historical moment reduced the labour hours but to remember how much they contribute to the society and the nations. However, students who want to celebrate this day without having the burden of homework writing on their shoulders can visit BookMyEssay to hire assignment writing help  in Hong Kong at a discount price. Visit the website to know more.

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